Scheduled to open in 2019, the 18,000 square foot, two-story Iris and Steven Podolsky Family Center will be the largest building dedicated to early childhood education and young families in the Lincoln Square Ravenswood neighborhood.

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Featuring seven classrooms and large playrooms, and adjacent to local favorite Vogle Park, the family center will offer full and half-day preschool, daycare and summer day camps for kids as young as 15 months.

JCYS’s inclusive approach welcomes families of all faiths and backgrounds to be part of our community. We create an environment in which children of different backgrounds feel respected, included, and loved.


Program highlight: Butterfly Science

In our toddler and preschool program, we bring nature into the classroom to promote exploration-based science education. The children go on nature walks to explore the world and bring back “treasures” like special rocks and flowers. We plant seeds in our classroom, keep them watered, and watch them grow. Every year, we order chrysalises for the children to watch as the caterpillars mature and turn into beautiful butterflies. Our educational guidance makes sure children get the most out of what they naturally do anyway: explore the world and learn about everything in it.

Social and Emotional Skills

Through individual and group activities, children learn critical social and emotional skills like paying attention and communicating with their teachers and peers. As they participate in cooperative play with blocks, dress-up costumes, and other toys, they practice negotiating disagreements and resolving conflicts peacefully. Children also learn independence and self-help strategies through creative play and problem-solving.

Physical Development

The curriculum at JCYS Lincoln Square Ravenswood encourages each child to expand his or her physical abilities through active play. Children spend time on our beautiful outdoor playground every day, and we go on regular nature walks and community explorations. JCYS Lincoln Square Ravenswood also offers plenty of sports, music, art, and yoga classes for even the wiggliest bodies. A music center in each classroom encourages children to explore rhythmic responses like clapping and moving to the beat.

Academic Foundations

Every room at JCYS Lincoln Square Ravenswood has a reading and writing center, science center, and block area. Kids build pre-literacy skills just by exploring all the words and letters that fill every classroom. And even the youngest children learn about measurement, balance, and counting in the block center – all while having a great time with their friends. Through expression and play, children build the academic skills they will need in grade school and beyond.

Program highlight: Food

Mealtimes at JCYS Lincoln Square Ravenswood will reinforce the skills children learn through the regular curriculum while building healthy habits for life. Most of the food we serve is organic, with nutritionally balanced menus for breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Our teachers eat with the children to model healthy eating behaviors. Children learn self-help skills and fine motor skills by serving themselves and making decisions about food. They also learn to share food with other children and build social skills through mealtime conversations.

Creating a safe and healthy environment is our top priority. Our staff members are trained in CPR, First Aid, food handling, mandated reporting, diapering and handwashing procedures, emergency action plans, active shooter response, and weather emergency management.

Families and communities

At JCYS, we communicate regularly with families to make sure parents stay informed about their children’s development. We post daily sheets for our preschool parents to keep families up-to-date on everything their child is learning. We also share formal evaluations with parents twice a year and hold conferences to help them better understand their child’s developmental growth.

Staff at JCYS want you to be part of our incredible community of families. Community is one of our greatest strengths and building relationships is one of our most important goals. Our alumni have returned to us as teachers, parents, and counselors in our camp programs. We also support and give back to our community through food drives for the Lakeview Food Pantry, toiletries and diaper collection for the local women’s shelter, and coat and shoe drives.


Jewish culture and family engagement

JCYS programs are open to families of every faith. Children at our family centers learn about Jewish traditions and culture through inclusive celebrations. We observe Shabbat (the Jewish sabbath) every Friday and invite one child from each classroom to serve as “Shabbat helper” every week. The children’s parents join us in the classroom to read a book or enjoy a special activity. Then all classrooms gather together to sing songs, light the candles, and say the prayers. We also organize family events around major holidays, including a mock Seder for Passover, a Hanukkah party, and decorating the Sukkah for our Sukkot celebration.

Jewish cultural activities also connect to academic and social goals. For example, to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, we guide each child to make a “new year” card with pictures and collages and then sign the card before we mail it out to the family.

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2019-20 School Year Tuition

Please select your child’s age to see schedule options and tuition for the 2019-20 school year.


Toddler (15 -23 Months) Tuition
August 14, 2019 – June 5, 2020 Monthly Payment
Toddlers Half Day
2 days/week (Tu/Thur) $785
3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri) $1,145
5 days/week $1,825
Toddlers Full Day  
2 days/week (Tu/Thur) $870
3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri) $1,300
5 days/week $2,030
Preschool (2 Years) Tuition
August 14, 2019 – June 5, 2020 Monthly Payment
Preschool (2 Years) Half Day
2 days/week (Tu/Thur) $700
3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri) $1,025
5 days/week $1,615
Preschool (2 Years) Full Day  
2 days/week (Tu/Thur) $775
3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri) $1,165
5 days/week $1,835
Preschool (3-4 Years) Tuition
August 14, 2019 – June 5, 2020 Monthly Payment
Preschool (3-4 Years) Half Day
2 days/week (Tu/Thur) $675
3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri) $1,000
5 days/week $1,565
Preschool (3-4 Years) Full Day  
2 days/week (Tu/Thur) $750
3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri) $1,140
5 days/week $1,775

Iris & Steven Podolsky Family Center
2112 W. Lawrence Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625

(773) 281-2533

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