JCYS Central Office

150 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 640
Chicago, Illinois 60601
(312) 726-8891

JCYS is proud to retain an exceptionally qualified and dedicated team of staff members at our family centers, summer camps, and central office, who ensure each program’s success. Learn more about key members of our staff and feel free to contact any one of them directly with any questions you may have.

Barbara Haworth, Chief Executive Officer
x101 | bhaworth@jcys.org

Cathy Carlo, Chief Operating Officer
x105 | ccarlo@jcys.org

Saralyn Peritz, Chief Financial Officer
x117 | speritz@jcys.org

Ashley Dinos, Director of Marketing and Communications
x104 | adinos@jcys.org

Jason Fink, Senior Accountant and Payroll Specialist
x102 | jfink@jcys.org

Raymond Hamilton, Director of Security

Dara Henning, Advancement and Leadership Development Coordinator
x113 | dhenning@jcys.org

Kaysha Larry, Assistant Controller
x118 | klarry@jcys.org

Graham Little, Director of Risk Management

Sondra Morin, Development Manager
x115 | smorin@jcys.org

Nikki Robin, Managing Director of Operations