As a key part of our mission, JCYS is committed to guiding young professionals to develop the skills needed for a lifetime of community service and philanthropy.

Through our Board of Directors, JCYS provides guidance on non-profit governance, legislative policy, business programs, financial management and fundraising. JCYS Board Members are primarily between the ages of 26 and 40 years old and participate in a dynamic, comprehensive and intensive leadership development experience.


Board Members experience hands-on responsibilities through:

  • Establishing the agency’s mission and strategic plan
  • Overseeing the agency’s budget and investments
  • Approving and monitoring facility improvements
  • Championing the agency’s fundraising campaigns
  • Amending by-laws

Through exposure to the full scope of the agency’s operations, Board Members are equipped to assume key leadership roles throughout JCYS and in the greater Chicago area.

Join Our Board

If you are, or someone you know is, interested in joining our Board, please have them fill out our application, or contact Hannah Bailenson at hbailenson@jcys.org or (312) 726-8891, ext. 113.

JCYS has over 600 treasured Alumni that helped make Jewish Council for Youth Services the organization that it is today. If you are a JCYS Board of Directors Alum, we would welcome the opportunity to reconnect with you!


Fiscal Year 2019 Board Members

Jason Keith – President
Michael Karmin – President-Elect
Dan Brenner – Immediate Past President
Bryan Wool – Vice President of Programming
Matthew Gaines – Vice President of Development
Jason Schraub – Vice President of Leadership Development
Charles Thomas DeGarmo – Treasurer
Caryn Fields – Assistant Treasurer
Sarah Gryll – Secretary
Jordan Feffer – At Large
Scott Levine – At Large
Michael Sevin – At Large
Liz Roberts – At Large

Zach Elkin
Scott Frazin
Aaron Gillett
Brad Helfand
Jeremy Neil
Josh Olian
Brian Pearl
Eric Plotkin
Danny Pogofsky
David Schultz
Carly Schwartz
Irine Sorser Turin
Morgan Weber

Designates to the Board

Josh Beren
Natalie Cabell
Max Fisher
Emily Grossberg
Michael Margolis
Joel Rabinowitz
Suzanne Hershman Secler
Elliot Small

Past Presidents

See our distinguished list of Past Presidents.

Directors for Life

See our distinguished list of Directors for Life.