Over a century of programs and services could not have been possible without our leadership and support from our Directors for Life. It is because of them that we are the organization we are today. See our distinguished list of Past Presidents for other notable JCYS founders.

James R. Anixter
Scott C. Anixter*
Steven Anixter
Bruce R. Bachmann*
Daniel L. Benton*
Donald Borzak
Merrill E. Brown*
Charles S. Desser*
Mildred Desser*
Howard L. Ecker
Sidney Epstein*
Herbert B. Fried*

Arthur M. Friedman
Herbert J. Friedman*
Howard Friend
Mark L. Goldberg*
Mark Goodman
Marvin Kamensky*
Alyssa Knobel
David E. Kohn
Henry S. Landan*
Hilton R. Leibow*
Shirley Leibow*
Max L. Loewenberg*

Robert K. Meltzer
Dr. Jacob Meyer*
Steven H. Podolsky
Nancy Pollack
Joshua D. Rinkov
Viki Rivkin
Susan Rochlis*
James L. Rolfe
Robert Rosenbacher
Sidney Rosset*
Bernard G. Sang*
John I. Schlossman*

Frederick R. Schwimmer
Ronald S. Sonenthal
Ben F. Stein*
Harry Steiner*
Jon Vegosen
Ted Wagner
Elmer Wedeles*
Lawrence J. Weiner

Nisson S. Pearl,
Executive Director Emeritus

Dr. Edward A. Newman*,
Medical Director for Life

*indicates deceased