JCYS Scholarship Application

All financial assistance from Jewish Council for Youth Services must be requested by completing the JCYS Scholarship Application below. Scholarship applications are reviewed anonymously by the JCYS Scholarship Committee, which generally meets once a month January through March and again in May.

Before you start filling out your information, note that you will need to submit a copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Return. Please black out all Social Security Numbers. If you are unable to submit last year’s return, you may temporarily substitute the previous year’s tax return, and submit the most recent year no later than June 1 in order to verify the information on your application and credit your account. If you are not required to file a tax return you may substitute W-2 forms, 1099, and/or state documentation of unemployment compensation.

If you have your return available now, please have it scanned and ready to upload at the end of this application. Otherwise, you can email it to scholarships@jcys.org.

Please note:

  • Your must first register for your JCYS program before completing this Scholarship Application. Registration is required in order for Scholarship Applications to be considered.
  • Resources are limited. Assistance will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Financial assistance applications must be processed and completed, and required fees paid in full, before your session begins.
  • Applications are reviewed by the committee approximately 6 – 8 weeks after they are submitted.

Click here to access the JCYS Scholarship Application.