Counselors and Teachers are nationally recruited, advanced undergraduate and graduate students who receive intensive training in behavioral and psychosocial treatments.

Clinical Staff (Year Round)

Kristine Kent, M.A.

Clinical Director

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Cate Hensley

Assistant Director

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Camp STAR maintains a minimum 1:3 (staff to child) ratio during the program (though many times our ratio is closer to 1:2). There is a director and an assistant director on site each day.

The counselors who work with your child throughout the day are advanced undergraduates, recent college graduates, and graduate students. These are not your typical camp counselors – the application process to work at Camp STAR is competitive, and we recruit staff with strong academic backgrounds that have previous experience working with children. Each summer, staff must attend a full two weeks of training (over 80 hours!) to enable them to work in a paraprofessional capacity at Camp STAR.

Comparatively, paraprofessionals in Illinois public school are not required to attend any training prior to working as a paraprofessional in the classroom! Our staff are very dedicated, and work at Camp STAR as part of their career path in the fields of behavioral health or special education.

Additionally, all staff meet with the clinical director on a daily basis throughout the 7-week program for supervision and planning.

Camp STAR – More than a Summer job.

Although staff receive a stipend (amount varies by position), Camp STAR is not just a summer job. It’s a unique training opportunity for students interested in pursuing careers in the field of clinical/school/counseling/sports psychology, special education, social work, pediatric medicine or any child-oriented career path.

  • Undergraduate Students – receive an intensive training and field work experience rarely available at the undergraduate level.
  • Graduate Students – train in evidence-based treatments and accrue over 200 clinical contact hours! Hours are supervised and may count towards departmental requirements (check with your academic department to determine if this could apply to you).

Camp STAR staff work in a paraprofessional capacity to provide treatment to children focused on: (1) following rules and improving behavior; (2) developing social skills and building friendships; and (3) increasing academic aptitude and boosting self-esteem. Counselors implement treatment during daily program activities like sports, swimming, art, academics, recess, etc.