Looking for a fun way to spend a day off with friends?

Designed especially for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade

When Districts close during the school year, we remain open to the community for field trip and small group experiences. Our facility provides a gym, dance studio, field, playground, and multipurpose room for the children. Field trips vary from entertainment to nature-based locations and are supervised by experienced teachers.


Need full-day coverage?

Don’t worry because Northwest has you covered! For just $55 a day, students can come anytime between 6:45am and 6pm.

Northwest Family Center also welcomes students who don’t attend JCYS programs. All you need is to complete a registration form, bring in a current medical, intake forms, and a “nut-free” lunch.

Note: Prices and Day of the Week may vary per seasonal semester. Families should contact our center at buffalogrove@jcys.org  or call (847) 279-0900 for most current information.