School’s Out/Winter Camp

When Districts close during the school year, we remain open to offer field trips and small group experiences. Our facility provides a gym, dance studio, field, playground, and multipurpose room for the children. Field trips vary from entertainment destinations to adventures in natural locations and are supervised by our experienced teachers.

Northwest Family Center also welcomes students who don’t attend other JCYS programs for School’s Out/Winter Camp!

*Prices and Day of the Week may vary by semester. Families should contact our center at or call (847) 279-0900 for the most current information.

Infants-5 year olds
December 30, 2019 & January 2-3, 2020
Full Day (7:00 am–6:00 pm)
 Daily Rate
Infants $95
Toddlers $85
2-5 Years Old $80
December 31, 2019 (Early Close)  Daily Rate
Infants $70
Toddlers $70
2-5 Years Old $70
K-5th Graders
Date and Field Trip  Daily Rate
Friday, September 20  (District 102 Half Day)
The Great Cake Bake Off (Buffalo Grove)
Thursday, October 10 (District 96 Full Day)
Artist @ Heart (Libertyville)
Friday, October 11 (District 96 Full Day)
Pumpkin Patch (Buffalo Grove)
Monday, October 14 (Districts 96 & 102 Full Day)
Lakeside Bowling (Mundelein)
Monday, November 11 (District 102 Full Day)
Artist @ Heart (Libertyville)
Friday, November 15 (Districts 96 & 102 Half Day)
Viva Italiano (Buffalo Grove)
Monday, November 25 (District 102 Full Day)
Native American Pow Wow (Buffalo Grove)
Tuesday, November 26 (Full Day Field Trip)
Movie Magic (Lincolnshire)
Wednesday, November 27 (Full Day Field Trip)
Escape Room (Buffalo Grove)
Monday, December 30 (Full Day Field Trip)
Animal Action! (Northbrook)
Tuesday, December 31 (Full Day Field Trip)
JCYS “Bar Mitzvah” Party
**We will close at 1pm on New Year’s Eve.
$40 (Prorated)
Thursday, January 2 (Full Day Field Trip)
Ultimate Ninjas (Libertyville)
Friday, January 3 (Full Day Field Trip)
Home Depot