Camp Red Leaf
About Camp Red Leaf

On the shores of Wooster Lake and spanning 180 acres of wooded wonderland, Camp Red Leaf allows youth and adults with developmental disabilities, emotional and behavioral needs the opportunity to experience a true outdoor adventure.  A visit to Camp Red Leaf includes hikes on our fully-accessible nature trails, water activities in the pool and lake, fun on our high ropes course, and outdoor camping opportunities and activities personalized for each camper.  Our highly adaptable facilities include:




Leibow Lodge  Most of our Camp Red Leaf overnight participants stay in Leibow Lodge for full week and weekend visits.  Outfitted with 16 rooms, with seven oversized bunk beds in each, accessible bathroom and shower facilities, washer and dryer capabilities, and galley kitchen for daytime snacks, Leibow Lodge also features a Great Room with a fireplace and a wrap-around porch overlooking a pond, fountain and the great outdoors.

Sacks Family Tree House  A truly one-of-a-kind experience, this wheelchair accessible tree house allows all campers the opportunity to “climb” higher and higher among the branches.  The Sacks Family Tree House is made completely of repurposed wood, features an indoor space large enough for campers to spend a night under the stars, and a back porch overlooking the marsh and campfire below.

Glickman High Sierra Adventure Center  Campers can enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from scaling a climbing wall and the rush of the wind in their face as they zip down the zip line  at Camp Red Leaf.  Our accessible facilities and trained instructors ensure that everyone can participate in the fun!

Wooster Lake & Outdoor Pool   Campers can enjoy the serenity of Wooster Lake and take part in water activities thanks to an accessible dock. Additionally, campers can also enjoy water play in Camp Red Leaf’s heated outdoor pool, which is outfitted with a lift and accessible bathrooms.

Harriet Gerber Lewis Arts & Crafts Center  A multipurpose room perfect for indoor activities, the Arts & Crafts Center has accessible bathrooms and features a front porch facing the Camp Red Leaf Village. Campers can explore their creative side through a plethora of  activities, including dance, drama and art therapy.

Our Caring Staff

We know that our staff is just as important to our campers and their families as the activities and the natural surroundings.  Over 30 employees make up our team of counselors, program specialists, and health care professionals.  Each member of Camp Red Leaf’s staff is carefully selected for their patience and personal commitment to our campers.  Our intensive pre-camp training and orientation week ensures that all employees are ready for the specific program of which they are part of.


Lauren Malecki, Camp Red Leaf Assistant Director  |  (847) 740-5010



Health Care Staff   All Camp Red Leaf programs are staffed with health care professionals, who have their First Aid, CPR, CNA and nursing licenses from accredited programs.

Counselors  Our counselors come from all over the world with backgrounds in social work, education, recreation, special education and nursing, and provide direct care in a counselor camper ration of 1:2.

Program Specialists  Camp Red Leaf offers activities that include music, drama, arts and crafts, sports, nature education and more!  All program specialists have an educational background and experience in their particular program.


You do an amazing job taking care of all the campers that come (to Camp Red Leaf)!  You have such a caring heart for all of us!  It is very hard to find special people in the world like you, to do all the special things for people like us!
– Shannon, Adult Camper

I honestly don’t know how to express how blessed my family is or how deeply I’ve been touched by crossing paths with the staff at Camp Red Leaf.  I watched as the love, affection and friendship your counselors gave to (my son) helped his personality begin to blossom and his world open up.  He has started using a few words. It is the first time I’ve heard him say anything clearly in years.  – Larry, Parent of a Youth Camper

Want to be a Camp Counselor?

Camp Red Leaf is looking for qualified individuals to join our 2015 Summer Season.

Visit our online job board to view opportunities, and apply today!