Camp STAR - Summer Treatment Program
Our Program

Camp STAR strives to help children and their parents learn to manage the behavioral, emotional, social and learning issues associated with ADHD and other disruptive behavior disorders.

Most kids have a lot of fun at Camp STAR, and feel just like they’re at a regular day camp because we don’t set aside traditional ‘therapy time’ – our therapeutic interventions are incorporated throughout our daily activities. We structure each activity with specific goals in mind to work on increasing positive, pro-social behaviors and decreasing negative behaviors.

Each day at Camp STAR, your child will:

Experience Success!
Many of our campers struggle with basic classroom behaviors and academics throughout the school year. At Camp STAR, children spend time daily in our Academic Learning Center (ALC) to improve behaviors necessary for academic success — following through with instructions, completing tasks (independently, accurately and in a timely manner!), and cooperating with peers.

Also, most of our campers look forward to going to ALC! Though campers may have previously experienced school difficulties, our Camp STAR teachers and educational counselors work hard to create a positive, supportive classroom where children can meet their goals and feel successful. Our goal at Camp STAR is to help children build self-efficacy in the academic environment that they can carry over into the new school year.

Be Creative!
In the Camp STAR Art Studio, campers work on both individual and group cooperative arts and crafts projects each day. Individual art projects allow campers to express their creativity, while still working on goals such as staying on task and following teacher instructions. Group art projects are designed to help campers practice interacting with peers appropriately, and improve social skills such as communication and cooperation.

Learn New Skills!
Camp STAR begins and ends each day with a fifteen-minute group discussion led by a counselor, with many mini group discussions held throughout the day. These discussions include Social Skills Training to learn about or review the daily social skill, and to discuss how we can use it throughout the camp day and at home. We also discuss things that were hard for the group or maybe didn’t go so well during an activity. Then we practice our Problem Solving Skills to come up with positive solutions and a plan that will make things better the next time. Staff give feedback and positive reinforcement when campers use these skills during their daily activities.

Have Fun!
Each day has a practice period and a game period in the sport of the day. These Recreational Activities are fun and provide a great opportunity for campers to work on paying attention and following directions. As campers master different sports skills during practice, it builds their self-esteem and increases participation. Additionally, game play provides a natural setting to use our social skills as part of a team and to work on good sportsmanship!

And then have more Fun!
We go to the pool at The Lil’ each day for a swimming lesson (giving campers another opportunity to practice following instructions) and then we have free swim! Campers can also earn two daily recesses (lunchtime and end-of-day) by meeting their individualized program goals! During recess, campers have supervised free play with the other kids in their group.

Other Camp STAR Activities:

Weekly Parent Group
A behavior management training group for parents meets weekly during Camp STAR. Our goal is to help parents learn strategies to maintain gains made during Camp STAR and to continue to make progress into the new school year. In the parent group, we discuss techniques to strengthen the parent-child relationship, improve home compliance and behavior, and work with schools effectively to set your child up for academic success.

Fun Fridays!
Every Friday we do a camp-wide hot dog cookout for lunch. We also have great special activities planned  – sometimes themed on-site events (Superheroes! Pirates!) and other times we take field trips to places like Pump It UP! and Wildlife Discovery Center.

9 am
9:30 am
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Morning Discussion and Social Skills Training
Sports Game
Academic Learning Center
Lunch & Recess
Arts & Crafts
Swimming at The Lil’
Sports Skill Drill
End of Day Discussion and Social Skills Review

Contact Program Director, Kristine Kent for additional information to see how Camp STAR can fit into your family’s needs.
(847) 433-6001, ext. 108

Financial Aid

For those families in need, JCYS offers a Scholarship Program to offset the costs of tuition. The application for Financial Aid can be found at the end of the registration form.