Camp STAR - Summer Treatment Program


Through individual and group activities throughout a structured program, Camp STAR strives to help children with ADHD and related disorders overcome certain struggles and build upon skill sets that will aid them in the coming school year and beyond.

Testimonials from Camp STAR 2015

“What a wonderful experience! In the three years since her diagnosis of ADHD and ODD, we haven’t found anything as effective as Camp STAR. We saw not only a tremendous improvement in her behavior and self-control, but also a dramatic improvement in how my husband and I parent her. Our household is much calmer and we feel more prepared than ever to help her teachers at school continue the great work you have begun.”
– Parent of a 9-year-old girl


“I am grateful for the positive, fun experience for my child and the ongoing support and learning for us as parents. It was life changing for our family.”
– Parent of a 7-year-old boy


“We feel that Camp STAR has laid the foundation for some significant positive improvements for him. We already notice that he is more comfortable approaching kids that he doesn’t know well and playing in large groups. We have also seen an increase in his problem solving abilities, as he is often able to resolve conflicts with peers on his own now. In addition, we feel that both his self-esteem and self-confidence have risen significantly through the friendships he has developed at Camp STAR.
– Parent of an 11-year-old boy


“To all Camp STAR staff: To us it has been a privilege meeting you, just when we thought there were no options or hope. Thank you for every moment you dedicate to support people with ADHD, to believe in them, and for bringing us, the parents, a light to follow and a path to walk. Thank you for your happiness, for your smiles, for making this summer one of the best of our lives.”
– Parent of a 12-year-old boy


“Between the camp and the information that we have learned at the Parent Group meetings, there now seems to be a route can lead back to having a happy family instead of the almost constant conflict we experienced before starting the program. . . There are no instant miracles here, but for the first time in a long while, we see a path that seems like it is going somewhere and we can keep making progress!”
– Parent of an 8-year-old boy


“Camp STAR has been a 100% positive experience for him. He loves it because it meets his needs. The immediate feedback, structure, consequences, and positive reinforcement provide him with an environment where he can thrive. The Camp STAR counselors are positive, skilled, and FUN! Most importantly, he has met other kids with whom he has much in common. When asked about his favorite things at Camp STAR, he names his friends.”
– Parents of a 9-year-old boy

Contact Program Director, Kristine Kent for additional information to see how Camp STAR can fit into your family’s needs.
(847) 433-6001, ext. 106