Big City Day Camp

What if my child cannot swim at all?

That’s okay!  We do not push any child to do anything he or she is not ready for.   A good number of children come into camp not swimming at all, or even with a fear of the water.  We do ask them to get dressed into swim gear, but they can sit on the bleachers of the pool during the lessons.  It’s our experience that when hesitant swimmers watch their peers get in and have fun, most children feel comfortable trying by the second lesson.

How does drop-off and pick-up work?

Before Camp Drop-Off  7:45 – 9 am
Bring your camper to the Center on Halsted between 7:45 and 9:00, where counselors will greet you on the street and escort your child into the building.

Camp Drop-Off  9 am
Bring your child to InterAmerican playground (on Fremont, south of Waveland) between 8:45 and 9 am, and pull into the teacher parking lot.  Counselors will sign you in, and your camper will join their groups on the playground.  We leave the playground at 9:05 to join up with the Before Campers at Center on Halsted, so if you’re running late, go there to meet up with us!

Camp Pick-Up  3 pm
Pick-up your child at the InterAmerican playground between 2:45 and 3 pm the same way you dropped them off.

After Camp Pick-Up  3:15 – 6 pm
After Camp Care is held at the Michael R Lutz Family Center at 957 W. Grace.  You are welcome to come by between 3:15 and 6 pm to pick up your camper!

Rain drop-off and pick-up will be at Center on Halsted.  Rule of thumb:  If rain is hitting your windshield at 8:30 am or 2:30 pm, drop-off and pick-up will be at the Center on Halsted.

In case of a Cubs afternoon game, pick-up for all campers will be at Center on Halsted.

What if my child takes medication?

Just like at school, any child that needs medication administered during the camp day must first have the appropriate documentation on file and discuss the administration of the medication with Camp Director Elysabeth Ashe.  Our medication documentation can be found in the Camper Enrollment Forms in our Parent Corner.  Medication will be kept in the camper’s backpack, to make sure that it is taken home every night.

And like everything we do at Big City Day Camp, we are always open to discussing special circumstances.

What's a buddy request?

Big City Day Camp is a fantastic way of meeting new friends and establishing new socialization skills, but we understand that summer camp can be daunting for some campers.  Buddy requests provide a bit of comfort to children who may need an established friend with them in their group.  While buddy requests are not guaranteed, we try to accommodate every camper’s first request.  Buddy requests are included in our Camper Enrollment Forms in the Parent Corner.

What about lunch?

All campers bring their own lunch, and we ask that you help us out by sticking to brown bags with your camper’s name on it.  Lunches are stored in coolers with large ice-paks in our air-conditioned space at the Center on Halsted.  Larger lunch cooler-type bags don’t fit as easily into coolers as brown bags do.  

Big City Day Camp provides an afternoon snack for all campers.

JCYS is a peanut and tree nut -free agency, for health and safety reasons.  Thank you for your cooperation!

What is the Center on Halsted?

The Center on Halsted, at the corner of Waveland and Halsted, is home-base for Big City Day Camp during the summer.  Taking over the 3rd Floor, Big City Day Camp utilizes three full-size gyms, an outdoor patio, a lobby area for quieter activities and a professional theater space!

Stay in touch with us through our interactive Parent Corner.

You’ll find our summer calendar, Parent Information Packet and updated information through our Parent Corner!