Counselor-in-Training at Sunflower Day Camp

Check back in early 2020 for information on Summer 2020 programming.

Counselors-In-Training (CITs) at JCYS Sunflower Day Camp make new friends and enjoy all the summer fun of camp while gaining work experience and learning about early childhood development. CITs receive individual mentoring from our adult staff and learn how to supervise and support preschoolers while practicing leadership, communication, and workplace skills. It’s the perfect summer “job” for anyone who wants to become a camp counselor, babysitter, or early childhood teacher.

Our training program supports all CITs and sets them up to have a memorable experience at Sunflower Day Camp. CITs attend a 1.5-hour evening training session before the start of camp. As well as helping out with camp from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. every day, they also attend a 1-hour weekly meeting with their teacher coordinator for ongoing training and discussions.

Most CITs come for either the first or the second 4-week session, but many of our first-session CITs love it so much they stay on for the second 4-week session!

CIT (Grades 8 - 10)
Counselor in Training at Sunflower Day Camp
Summer 2019 Rates
Program Program Cost
First 4 Week Session $725
Second 4 Week Session $725
Full 8 Weeks $960