JCYS Family Center Policies

If you have any questions regarding any of the below JCYS Family Center Policies, please contact your JCYS Center Director.

Inclement Weather Policy
While JCYS makes every effort to stay open when programs are offered, our Family Centers may occasionally close due to extreme/inclement weather or situations beyond our control. The safety of our children and staff are always our first priority.  We take into consideration factors such as the status of private and public transportation (including road conditions, street closings, and the capacity for cars and JCYS’ vehicles/ buses to operate safely); we also consider facility-specific issues such as HVAC, walkways and parking lots.  In the event of closures, JCYS will notify parents through multiple platforms including email, the JCYS website, and JCYS social media.

On days when extreme weather conditions worsen as the day progresses, JCYS may decide to close early. In such cases, we may cancel afternoon/evening programs or ask parents to pick up their children early.

Please note: JCYS does not provide refunds for closings that are weather-related or beyond our control; in the event of more than two consecutive days of weather-related closings, JCYS, at its sole discretion, may offer limited make-up days at the conclusion of the school year.