Child Care

Your child deserves quality care and education.  Our experienced and dedicated staff creates a nurturing and enriching environment at all stages of your child’s development.

Infant Care

Ages: 6 weeks – 15 months
Northwest Family Center – Buffalo Grove
Our beautifully designed Infant Care Room is a place where babies feel safe, nurtured, calm, secure and happy.  Starting when your child is six weeks old, we will nurture their development and take care of their daily needs from feeding and diapering to developing language skills and providing physical stimulation through talking, singing, cuddling, storytime, stroller walks and rug time.  At JCYS we believe that infant care is a partnership with the family, and we will work closely with you to establish an individualized program for your infant.  Our 3:1 teacher-to-infant ratio ensures that each child has our focused attention throughout the day.  JCYS’s open-door policy allows for parents to stop by at any time or continue feeding routines.  Available between 6:45 am – 6 pm; choose from two, three, four and five-day weeks.


Toddler Care

Ages: 15 – 23 months
Northwest Family Center – Buffalo GroveMichael R. Lutz Family Center – Lakeview
Our nurturing and experienced staff welcome your toddler to their first school experiences through developmentally appropriate activities such as story time, music and gross motor activities.  Available between 6:45 am – 6 pm; choose from two, three, four and five-day weeks.

See our Adult-Child Programs for more toddler care programs.


Extended Day Child Care

Ages: 2 – 5 year olds
Michael R. Lutz Family Center – Lakeview, George W. Lutz Family Center – Highland Park, and Northwest Family Center – Buffalo Grove
JCYS Family Centers are your child’s home away from home, and provide all-encompassing childcare opportunities based on your needs and schedule.  Please contact the JCYS Family Center closest to you (or your work) to create a program that works best for your family.


First time JCYS families can take advantage of the JUF Right Start gift voucher program to offset the costs of tuition.

Learn more about the program and apply online.