Thank you for your interest in Camp STAR!

Whether you are looking to enroll or just want more information, you’ve come to the right place!

Located in Highland Park, the program dates for this year are June 17 – August 2, 2019.

Camp STAR is a therapeutic program and therefore has an intake process to determine if the program will be a good fit for your child. Once you complete this form, a staff member will contact you to provide more information about the program and to begin the screening process. This form is not a registration.




Does my child have to attend all 7 weeks of the program?

Yes. Camp STAR does not offer partial enrollment options – to fully benefit from the program, we ask that families make the 7 week commitment. Learning new skills can be hard, and it takes time. We start teaching new skills on Day 1, and work to build up those skills over the course of the summer.

However, we also know that summer is a time when many families take vacations. Therefore, we allow some absences, though generally recommend not missing more than 1 week during the program. Children that attend any less than that will not receive the full benefits of the skill-building we do over the course of the 7 weeks.

How many kids are in a group? How old are the other kids? Do children have other diagnoses besides ADHD?

Camp STAR accepts children are entering grade 1 – 7 in the upcoming school year, and campers are placed in groups with similar-age peers. We have three groups for the program, and group size generally averages 12 children (though may be anywhere between 10 and 15). Here is an example of age ranges in each group:

Depending on the age range and school grade of all enrolled children, 8 year olds and 10 year olds may be placed into a younger or older group (best fit determined by program staff).

Many children that attend Camp STAR do have diagnoses besides ADHD, including other behavioral issues or internalizing disorders like anxiety. Since we individualize treatment as needed for each child, we can often address additional symptoms that may be impacting the child’s functioning besides ADHD. However, ADHD must be considered the primary diagnosis.

Is my child’s ADHD too mild for a specialty program?

Here’s the thing about our program – pretty much anyone can benefit from the structure and positive environment we offer – even “neurotypical” kids! Childhood is all about developing social skills, learning to regulate emotions, and finding ways to be better problem-solvers. All kids would improve these skills in the context of a program like Camp STAR! However, we know that kids with ADHD struggle more than their peers with developing and using these skills. Our program provides extra support in the areas where kids with ADHD struggle the most.

How much does Camp STAR cost?

Tuition for Camp STAR is $6,300. We know this sounds like a lot, especially when you’re considering other day camp programs for your child. However, day camp is really the wrong comparison – ultimately, Camp STAR is a treatment program. Except instead of at a therapist’s office, we’re providing the treatment in a day camp setting! There is nowhere else in the state of Illinois where your child can receive therapeutic services targeted towards addressing issues associated with ADHD for 6+ hours a day, five days a week, for seven weeks – while also participating in day camp activities. Tuition also includes the weekly parent group, which is an important part of our program.

Do you accept insurance for the program?

Please note, it is ultimately your responsibility to understand your insurance benefits. We strongly encourage each family to consult with their insurance provider prior to enrolling at Camp STAR.

Is there any tuition assistance available?

Yes! JCYS provides scholarship assistance for all of their programs.

Although scholarship decisions are largely need-based, extenuating circumstances are also considered. We know that many Camp STAR families incur significant out-of-pocket expenses related to evaluations, therapies, and medical specialists for their child. Therefore, we encourage all families to apply.

Families may apply for a scholarship after they have completed an intake appointment. To start the intake process, or to request further information, please complete the inquiry form above.

What about transportation?

Transportation to and from camp is not included. However, Camp STAR families come from all over the state, and many choose to carpool. Each year, we make a list of families interested in carpooling and will share that information a few weeks before the start of camp.

For families that live in the city, bus transportation is available for an additional $500 for the summer.

The bus has two pick-up/drop-off stops – one in the city (Ravenswood area) and one in Skokie.