Committee Information

Committees give each Board and Designate member the opportunity to get a more involved in a specific aspect of JCYS, such as our Centers, Camp Henry Horner, or Finance Committee. While Designates are automatically placed on the Scholarship Committee, they are encouraged to join one additionally committee. Below are the descriptions for the permanent committees:

      • Helps the board in its fiduciary duty to ensure that the agency’s assets are being used efficiently and effectively and that proper internal controls are in force.
      • Reviews and recommends the proposed budget to the Board and monitors financial performance against budget.
      • Recommends banking and financing options.
      • Serves as the agency’s Audit Committee.
      • Provides oversight to the programs and services provided by the three centers.
      • Helps create and monitor the operational budgets of the Centers.
      • Maintain an on-going monthly evaluation of the fiscal results of reach Center’s operations.
      • Attend special events.
      • Analyze and recommend program and service development which will best serve the mission of the JCYS in the respective community.
      • Where possible provide feedback on particular programs and services as well as those offered by the competition.


Camp (Camp Henry Horner & Camp Red Leaf)
      • Review and make recommendations for the annual operation and capital budgets for Board approval.
      • Maintain a regular evaluation of the agency’s camping and conference center fiscal and program performance.
      • Assist the staff in where possible with resource development necessary to meet camping program objectives and performance.
      • Provide feedback on programs and insight into competition.
      • Responsible for reviewing scholarship applications for early childhood and camping programs across the Agency and making recommendations for distribution of available funds.
      • Review Human Resource best practices and compliance for all employees
      • Assess employment and employment law for the agency
      • Recommend policy and benefit strategies to the Board
      • Plan, recruit for and facilitate events to introduce potential Board Members and donors to JCYS.
Nominating Committee
      • Help bring on new designates, meetings with potential designates, and annual review of designate performance and decisions on elevation to the Board
      • Annual review of Board Members for performance and contributions
      • Setting of dues levels and ensuring compliance among the Board
      • Ensuring compliance with By-Laws