Board and Designate Requirments
Designate Requirements

Once you turn in your Designate Application, you must meet the following requirements during your “Designate Period” (typically 6 to 18 months) before you are able to officially join the JCYS Board of Directors.

          • Attend 15 events including Board Meetings, selected committee(s) meetings, other JCYS related meetings & social events.
          • Serve on at least one Board Committee in addition to the Scholarship Committee
          • Contribute $500 in Board dues: pro-rated from the first full month of your Designate Period, until the first full fiscal year as a Board Member.
          • Meet a $2,000 fundraising requirement.
          • Participate in at least one Scholarship Committee Meeting.
          • Attend Designate seminars, training and any other required Designate events regarding JCYS Programming, History and Fundraising
          • Visit a minimum of two JCYS Family Centers or Program, to be scheduled with Center Director.

As a Designate, you are are ineligible to vote on measures proposed at Board Meetings until you have completed the Designate process and are elevated to full Board Member status.

You may be nominated to the Board of Directors when you have met the above requirements.

Other recommended guidelines for Designates include:


          • Coffee or Lunch with a JCYS Alum
          • Participate in Board/Designate Mentor Program


Board Requirements

The below are the minimum requirements to retain seat on Board of Directors during each two-year term and qualify for re-slatement at the end of each two-year term.

          • Attendance at 75% of the regularly scheduled Board Meetings and for such committees to which each Board Member is appointed; provided however, in the event a Board Member attends any other officially scheduled meeting, attendance at such a meeting shall be counted when computing such Board Member’s annual attendance record.
          • Payment of $1,500 in annual dues.
          • Obtain contributions totaling at least $3,000.

*Board Members and Designates will receive fundraising credit for any direct cash revenue they donate, solicit or otherwise procure for JCYS. We recognize that the above figures are minimum expectations only, and as Board Members, you will try to exceed these amounts.


Fundraising Guidelines

Below are items that can be counted toward your fundraising goal.  If receipt of a donation is the result of a collaborative effort, Board and Designate Members will receive an appropriate percentage of the value of the gift.

          • Value of tickets you purchase yourself and sell to others for fundraising events.
          • Raffle tickets purchased by you or sold by you for a fundraising event.
          • Value of an ad you purchase or sell to others for the Annual Gala’s Event Book.
          • Non-cash donations from personal solicitations. This would include auction items sold at fundraising events in the amount received.
          • Direct cash donations from your solicitations.
          • Contributions received in response to a personal direct mail solicitation from your contacts.
          • Corporate, Foundation or special event sponsorship received with Board Member’s assistance.
          • For any monetary donation JCYS receives from direct mail pieces, alumni contributions, or other sources with Board Members name as solicitor.