Partner School Requirements

Think that TEAMcorps is a right fit for you school or class?  Take a look over our program requirements, and then contact Elysabeth Ashe at 773-281-2533 or for more information and how you can sign up.

Administrative Involvement

      • TEAMcorps is most successful with recognition and involvement from the school’s administration.   We welcome visits from the principals, assistant principals, deans, etc.
      • TEAMcorps requires the cooperation and timely input of requests for travel for the students within the procedures of the school. Input of day trips and overnighter documentation and approval will be coordinated with the sponsoring teacher.
      • TEAMcorps requests that the school provide funds to cover substitutes for each participating teacher chaperone on both the day trip and overnighter, and help in identifying and securing additional chaperones as needed.  In the event funds are low, TEAMcorps may be able to provide some funding to make up the difference.
      • The school must provide adequate consistent space for programming to take place.

Teacher Involvement

Teachers requesting the TEAMcorps program in their class must agree to the following:

      • Attendance throughout each session.  By law, TEAMcorps cannot operate without a teacher in attendance.  By principle, TEAMcorps cannot be successful without the involvement of the teacher in each day’s programming.  Involvement includes recognizing students who are taking leadership or any positive action during the course of a challenge, asking questions that help wrap the experience of the day, encouraging students who want to quit, and handling any disciplinary issues.
      • Teachers must, in some way, continue the learning of the program on the days that TEAMcorps is not in session.  For example, this may include a written bell-ringer, or enforcing the standard of students bringing the class to order, or asking wrap-up questions about the learning of the day.
      • Teachers who request the program MUST attend both the day trip and the overnighter.  These trips are powerful experiences and the core learning should be used in the classroom.
      • One or more participating teachers need to act as liaison with the administration to input and monitor documentation for the trips.
      • Participating teachers must complete surveys on deadline.
      • Participating teachers should attend the teacher development workshops.
      • Participating teachers must help secure additional chaperones as needed for the day and overnight trips.

TEAMcorps currently provides programming at Mather High School, Ogden International High School, Sullivan High School, William Howard Taft High School, and Disney II High School.

If you are interested in supporting TEAMcorps financially, contact Molly Hill at or (312) 726-8891, ext. 115.