Program Options

TEAMcorps strives to inspire heightened expectations of success, promote positive academic and life skills, and provide students with valuable resources and tools they need to achieve academic and social competence through their senior year and beyond. TEAMcorps strives to achieve these goals through our four program options:

Life Skills Workshop

In cooperation with classroom teachers, TEAMcorps implements experiential challenge initiatives that build key social and life skills, including effective communication, leadership development, self-confidence, perseverance and goal-setting.  Life Skills Workshop uses the framework of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), one of the key components of the Illinois State Board of Education’s Comprehensive System of Learning.  The semester-long program hits on these SEL topics:

1.  Full participation of individual group members

      • Every member is active to the end of initiative.
      • Everyone stays involved even when they’re not the leader.
      • Everyone maintains active role/no checking out when things get tough.
      • Everyone maintains a sense of determination and perseverance.

2.  Effective communication

      • Team members use each others and facilitators names.
      • Team members answer in full sentences at processing stage.
      • Team members speak positively/ no negative words.
      • Team members maintain positive environment.
      • Communication in group revolves around the goal.

3.  Creative problem solving/thinking outside the box/strategizing

      • Members ask questions to clarify
      • More than one person puts out ideas
      • Group is able to submit plan before action
      • Group reaches consensus
      • Group is able to adapt and implement new plan
      • Group is able to organize self and follow-through on plan

4.  Accountability

      • Members realize personal roles and responsibilities and effects their actions have on others.
      • Group holds itself accountable collectively, i.e., bringing themselves to order, recognizing and stopping cheating, cheering on integrity.
      • Group members easily ask for help and recognize people giving ideas and taking leadership.

Life Skills Inventory  

TEAMcorps helps students identify their own marketable life skills based on their academic achievements, service learning projects, volunteer activities and professional experience.  Students enhance their professional skills, participate in mock interviews, and are connected with valuable employment resources. The program culminates with students completing their own resume and cover letter for future employment opportunities.

Professional Development

TEAMcorps also provides one professional development workshop opportunity for school staff in topical subject areas that include bullying workshops, morale team building, diversity training and other related areas.

Freshman Orientation

The heart of TEAMcorps is our teambuilding exercises and workshops.  Our team is available to help with ice-breakers, get-to-know-you sessions and other break-out sessions during summer or freshman orientations.

If you are a staff member of school or know of a school who would like to participate, please read over our partner school requirements, or contact Elysabeth Ashe at 773-281-2533 or for more information.

If you are interested in supporting TEAMcorps financially, contact Molly Hill at or (312) 726-8891, ext. 115.